mercoledì 31 marzo 2010

TARASSACO...tortina primavera!!!

Mica posso ignorare tutta la famiglia di erbe spontanee del mio praticello bonsai!
Le lascio tranquillamente crescere e moltiplicarsi...poi mi raccolgo almeno il tarassaco e lo sacrifico alla mia tavola!!!

Con rimanenze di frigo, una carota; di cantina: una scatoletta di mais...latte, farina, formaggi, un uovo, e una semplice pasta matta ho preparato la tortina primavera! E' in attesa in freezer, per la calata dei miei mangioni!!!

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Sandy B ha detto...

Ciao Ivana!

You are the most creative cook I know! Dandelions...never tried them, but I would eat it if YOU fixed it!

Have fun. Big hugs...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) ha detto...

awaiting the invasion of your big eaters! that is so funny my friend. this looks wonderful as always too.

today is sunny and so warm, i love it!!! and today is mahjong too. i hope to maj! the new cards are in and we are playing them for the first time. it's hard when you don't know them yet.

have a lovely day...

smiles, bee

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Sandy!!!

You can find Strudel and Pies with Tarassacum in my blog!
You see, I add sweet vegetables, like carrot and mais, so the taste is not bitter!!!

Have a lovely day in GA!

We had a quite sudden storm...



Paul ( Canada ) ha detto...

Good morning Ivana. I remember dandelions, They were all over the field next to our home. My grandfather and I used to pick them for two reasons. 1. the yellow parts he would make dandelion wine and 2. the greens with wine vinegar for a salad. I liked it but found them a little bitter. You have developed a brand new way. It looks fantastic, like a pizza.
Well we have Emily and Cole today. All my kids will be here tonight to celebrate MaryLou's birthday. Ciao my friend.


ivana ha detto...

Ciao cara Bee!!!

You will also enjoy the new cards...and win!!!
I'm preparing "lasagne bolognese", then lasagne with broccoli vegtarian for Elena!!!!

So my time flies so quickly!!!!
HAve a great day!!!



ivana ha detto...

Ciao Paul!

I think your evening will bee amazing!!

Ciao...see you later...sauce calls me!!!


Paul ( Canada ) ha detto...

I just wanted to say since you mentioned "lasagne bolognese", I was watching the dinner show called
" Lidia's Italy " and she watching a restaurant in Bologna that makes all kind of pasta themselves and they were making "lasagne bolognese" for people that would come into their restaurant to bring home for dinner. As soon as Lidia mentioned the words "lasagne bolognese" thought of you Ivana. Lidia's Italy is a show that goes to every area in Italy from east to west, north to south, on the seasides, pasta and risotto, meat as well as sea creatures and some of them thought were creatures that I had never seen before in my life. The show is very interesting and everytime I turn to" Lidia's Italy ", I think about " Ivana's Italy ".
Ciao my friend and keep on creating your dinners for people like me to enjoy.


PS Maybe you should have your own TV show. What do you think about that idea?

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Paul
Thanks! I'm glad that you can see a little of Italy, and how we do cooking!
(I was just asked by a local tv for traditional recipes...but i didn't accept!)
I hope that Lidia can cook really italian, it's difficult to know every regional cooking...i do my best for my country cooking (I live in a small town!).
Today I cooked a lot...

Have a great evening with your family!
Is Mrs Sundina there...greetings to you all!!!

Happy Birthday, dear MaryLou!!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) ha detto...

oh i agree with paul, you should have a cooking show! and i love lydia!!! she is funny and charming and her food looks delicious. wish i was there for that lasagna!

smiles, bee

ivana ha detto...

Thank you, cara Bee!!!

Lasagne are in the freezer now! For 14 persons!
For Dinner on next Monday!!!