venerdì 24 maggio 2013


Ricordiamo gli appuntamenti per gli eventi in programma nell'ambito 
Le modifiche per maltempo verranno segnalate!

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Paul ha detto...

Hi Ivana. I haven't forgotten you. I could never forget you my friend. My life has changed so much lately. Mom is healthy but her mind has no longer as it was. That is what is changing my life so much. Enough of that.
I began golfing again and I really enjoy it. I'm back to cooking and baking. This morning I put 8 plants in the ground front of my home. My wife and I went and picked up 6 big flowers to put on my deck and in front of my home.
Soon May will be gone. and June will begin and that means June 1st Ivana's birthday. I didn't forget your birthday my friend. You start the month and my mother ends the month. I hope that things are doing well for you and your family. See you later my wonderful friend.

Paul F. Pietrangelo
( Just in case you forgot who I was)

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Paul!
I sure do know, who you are!
And I didn't forget your Mom,sometime watch the photos of your Mom, who is baking the pitzels, many peoèòe look still at the recipe of your was so nice to know, virtually, your family!
I hope that your Mom doesn't get pain, but I know that our Mind is so important for our life...and it's so difficult for the family, when th moms or grandmothers get this issue!

I send you posiive thoughts!

See you...enjoyy your golf meeting with your friends!
Greets to you all....