lunedì 13 luglio 2009

Buon 35° Anniversario di Matrimonio...MARYLOU & PAUL

Con amicizia, tanti auguri di anni felici!

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) ha detto...

oh how sweet ivana!

smiles, bee

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Bee!
Our friends are so kind!
Have a good evening!
un abbraccio!

Sandy B ha detto...

Ciao Ivana!
Happy anniversary, Marylou and Paul!
Scooter's real name is William, and he is one year old. His big brother is 2 1/2. I am lucky to have them living next door to us!
Big hugs,

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Bee:
My grandchildren also live not so far, we are with them every mrtning!
Have a great day!!!
Un abbraccio!

Paul and Marylou from Canada ha detto...

How nice of you to put that special note about our anniversary in your blog. Thank you my friend. We really appreciate it Ivana.

Paul and Marylou

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Marylou and Paul!

I enjoy when friends have good and lovely events!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!