giovedì 25 novembre 2010


Wishes for a special and wonderful Thanksgiving to all my friends!!!

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And Miles To Go... ha detto...

Have a wonderful day, Ivana.

ivana ha detto...

Thank you!
I guess you'll be tired tonight...the recipe is very good, I get the idea for little pies, with pie crust and some fruits!!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
Hugs for all the children!!!

Traveling Bells ha detto...

Ciao Ivana!

Enjoy your day. May it be filled with love and sunshine. I know there will be good food.

Big hugs, my friend...

Puddin ha detto...

Thank you so much Ivana!!!!!un abbraccio da ponente, P

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Sandy
thank you...I've tonight a social dinner, as I'm member at the Thanksgiving day for me too!

Enjoy with your family!!!


ivana ha detto...

Cara Paula,
Anch'io sono a una cena importante dei soci della banca...sarà il "loro" Thanksgiving a noi!!!!

Buona serata!!!!
Un abbraccio dal freddo Levante...

Canadian Paul ha detto...

Happy Thursday Ivana. I just called Bee up. She said her pies smell so good and the turkey was near done. She told me that she was taking pictures of it for you. Once I've completed all my Christmas goodies I'll take some photos to show what my friends will be enjoying.
Hope you are doing well my friend. Ciao Ivana.


ivana ha detto...

Ciao Paul!!!
I'm doing well...but I ate to much at the dinner of the bank!!!
I hope I can sleep!!!
I'll see your wonderful cupcakes and biscotti...
See you!!!
Saluti a Mary Lou and Amy Lynn!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) ha detto...

hello my dear friend, hope you enjoy your dinner when you make it for g! we sure did, very nice and ocduck had fun too.

i am so tired now! must sleep...

smiles, bee

Anonimo ha detto...

Sant'Agostino diceva: "La felicità è desiderare ciò che si ha!" Penso che sia una frase giusta per augurare a tutti un felice Ringraziamento anche se i tempi sono un pò bui. Ciao, Francesca

ivana ha detto...

Cara Bee!
So glad that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving...I know you are tired, OCD helped you, it's fine..and Sarge's Turkey looks so tasty!!!
I begin cooking for 12!


ivana ha detto...

Ciao Francesca,
sì, i tempi sono bui, il Ringraziamento dovrebbe essere sempre per quello che abbiamo, non per averne di più!

Grazie cara...un abbraccio!!

Lisa ha detto...

Thank you! Hope you had a beautiful day. Ours was perfect. Lots of family, lots of great food.

ivana ha detto...

Ciao Lisa!!!
I saw your great T-Day, your family and the cute M. with her deep blue eyes!!!
I also looked at your photos on flickr...and I forgot to comment!!!