sabato 3 ottobre 2009

Cefalo al forno e pomodori


sedanoni con passata di pomodoro anni '50, olio, aglio, prezzemolo, una puntina di peperoncino!

Pane grattugiato prezzemolo, aiòn (salamoia bolognese), succo di limone per una breve marinatura.
Pomodori farciti con la stessa gramolatura.
Forno 40 minuti a 180°C

4 commenti:

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) ha detto...

wow, looks wonderful!

sarge is back in the hospital, cat is here and when she walked in she went up to him and he had a fever, off we went! we were there all day and he is staying a few days. poor thing.

i hope g is better now. nothing serious i hope.

hugs to you my friend, bee

ivana ha detto...

Cara Bee!

I'm so sad, my first thought is for you!
I hope he can respond better to the necessary treatment!!!
Hugs for you all!!!


Paul from Amherstburg, Canada ha detto...

Hi Ivana. I'm still not feeling sick but had some warm soup and it made me feel a little bit better. I think I have the flu, the old one not the new one thank God. I really like this dish Ivana. Seems very simple to make. Can you use different types of pasta in this dish? Well I have to go. Time for me to go to sleep even though it's only 20:00 pm. My body is telling me to rest. Ciaomy friend.


ivana ha detto...

Hi Paul,

I hope your flu is gone!!!
The dish is so simple and tasty!
No recipe, it's the normal sauce for all type of pasta, G. cooks that every day!
Fish is also very easy!!!
Our menu for lunch : pasta, meat or fisch!

Have a good sunday!