martedì 15 dicembre 2009

Palata Pepoli, frazione di Crevalcore BO

Piccoli eventi di paese!!!!
All'ombra del castello le iniziative di una comunità unita e entusiasta....
Dolci semplici della nostra tradizione che genitori volontari preparano per rallegrare le feste natalizie dei piccoli

2 commenti:

Paul in Canada ha detto...

Of the small. It's important to always think of the little ones. I know when I look into Emily's eyes or Cole's face,it shows excitement and life. It does so much for me. They are my life.Have a great day Ivana.


ivana ha detto...

Thank you!!!

The little ones: to night Dance essai for Agnese, the day after tomorrow a feast in the school for Tommy, and on Sunday Teresa plays something, you see we have many "meetings" for the grandchildren!!!
It's sweet to have that!!!

Ciao...have a good wednesday!!!